Pal Sarkozy & Werner Hornung

Digital Fine Art

What is Paul and Werner’s team work about? It begins with the discussion about a topic. Paul starts drawing, as usual in black and white and with multiple variations. Werner scans these drawings and works through the computer with Photoshop bearing in mind the cloth, colours, the composition, etc. They discuss the different intermediate stages until both get to an agreement about the final result. It is then when everything is printed on the canvas emulating a classical work of art.
We appreciate the “trompe l’oeil” used in the composition, where the effect of the mirror approaches us to intimacy. It is the surrealism of the concept with landscapes that are sometimes onyric making at the same time the subversion of the image by rebuilding it with some criticism and humor.
Working just like Giorgio Chirico, the surreal introduces itself into the classical architecture establishing this way another kind of ‘circus’ between the clearly defined and the undefined, using the Piranesi way.
They even introduce the bullfighting together with the flamenco, mixing symbolisms of the animal, of the bullfighter himself, the spectators or a woman’s naked leg hidden underneath the cloak. Theirs are all ideas that talk about freedom, a hidden lack of definition as well as local colours based on old topics, which they interpret again.
We can even see some of Dali’s ideas in various exterior landscapes where the transparences of the objects make them become sensual and mysterious, always under the idea of subverting the image, of putting it out of a context and making the spectator look for specific, half hidden areas with a clear message that has a perverse and playful intention.
It is the agora of life, the use of all the senses, the very different visions of the human beings with different faces, faces that watch out in all directions, impossible anthropomorphic beings had the surrealism not been existent, which allow the artists to be onyric and investigators, introducing unreal worlds.
And, why not, the feminine body, naked and tattooed, even mutilated, with some artificial touches that rebuild the stability. Gods and goddesses that are born in the earth or descend from the heavens, portraits with different meanings in little details that although look trivial, tell about the personality of those represented in the works.


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