Art meets matter

On 21st October next at 14th November
Grand Hyatt Hotel
Doha, Qatar

On 21st October next at 4th November, the international gallery ArtWansonGallery is to launch its latest cultural project entitled "Art meets matter", an ambitious collective exhibition organised by ArtWansonGallery, once again taking the very best contemporary art to the Middle East. The exhibition is to be held in Doha, the capital of Qatar, where the gallery, following the great success of its previous cultural project, "Passion for Art" held in Doha last December.

This time the exhibition will show works by important artists such as Pal Sarkozy and Werner Hornung who, thanks to the collaboration of Matthiew Arranz will be exclusively exhibiting some of their very best works, alongside other interesting artists from the gallery, including David&David, Juan Antonio Tinte, Angel de la Peña, Amador Braojos, Gari, Remy J. López or the Lebanese artists Gina Nahlé and Wajih Nahlé.

Simultaneously, ArtWansonGallery is hosting the exclusive world premiere of the posthumous works of the great Galician sculptor, Juan Oliveira.

With this fresh project, ArtWansonGallery aims to strengthen the cultural links with the Middle East by promoting Western contemporary art in the region whilst at the same time establishing a firm avenue of collaboration with Arab countries, favouring the promotion and sponsorship of possible Qatar talents and stimulating permanent cultural exchange within the world of contemporary Arab and Western art.