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Pal Sarkozy & Werner Hornung

Tras la Worlwide Premier Exhibition "Out of Mind 2012" en Doha, Qatar, el pasado 27de Marzo se celebró en la prestigiosa Art Wanson Gallery del Marbella Club, "Out of Mind 2013" exposición que podrá visitarse del 28 de Marzo al 27 de Abril. La muestra presentada por Art Wanson Gallery & Mattieu R. Arranz, contó con una exclusiva colección de obras de los artistas Pal Sarkozy, padre del expresidente Nicolas Sarkozy, and Werner Hornung, miembros honorificos de The Russian Academy of Fine Arts, premio entregado por su Presidente, Mr Tseretely.
Durante la exposición se desveló la obra original y único ejemplar hecha por los artistas Homenaje a Juan Carlos I, Rey de España,"Subtilissime Entente 2", y presentada por primera vez en exclusiva por Art Wanson Gallery.

We are living at an extraordinary time in the history of the world … the beginning of a new civilization and of the society of knowledge. Some 90% of the scientific and technological discoveries in the history of humanity have taken place since 1950 and this new world is made public by Yves Klein, creating a world of space and of the ethereal that gives us an extraordinary field of experimentation.
The main raw material of this new society is scientific, artistic and technological creativity, the alliance of the hand with the prodigious machines that we create in order to understand and conquer those new worlds, which is precisely what Paul Sarkozy, a wonderful draftsman and great publicist, a kind of tireless conqueror, and Werner Hornung, a cosmonaut of new technologies, as well as a great figure of publicity, understood and wished for. Their alliance turns out to be fascinating and premonitory.
This exhibition captivates me because it is related to all the battles we have to fight in order to promote the rich, full, sensual and visionary French artistic and scientific creations.
Out of Mind is the source of our civilization, the civilization of the knowledge, of the creativity, the wonderful discoveries about the universe and of the thinking machines, the main raw material of which is the neuron … and is also the neuron of the spirit, and the union between Paul and Werner. The title they chose together is the perfect demonstration of this state of intelligence.
The fantastic Pierre Restany, founder, among other things, of the Nouveaux Réalistes and of our Palais de Tokio, used to tell me: “Can you see, Pierre, that the more we advance within ‘virtuality’, the more we desire the real and it is that alliance that will build the new world.” By contemplating the work of Paul and Werner in “Out of Mind”, I see his prediction made real, the alliance of the world of Space Odyssey 2001 and the sensuality of the paintings, so human and spiritual. When you see their works, you will experience complete pleasure, and will be transported to other planets by fantastic women, sensual, terrible and loving humanoids … and by that extraordinary hand from which the fire of creation, intelligence, life and the world of the future sprouts.
Let yourselves go and indulge in this pleasure.
Pierre Cornette de Saint Cyr
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