´Cartier Naturellement´ at Art Dubai 2012, March 21 2012

Art Wanson Gallery visit "Cartier Naturellement" at Art Dubai 2012

Exceptional Exhibition never seen before in the region. Following the Fondation Cartier pour l´art contemporain´s first exhibition at Art Dubai 2011, the King of Jewellers as a main sponsor this year of Art Dubai ´Cartier Naturellement´, a unique high jewellery creation
`Cartier Naturellement`, imagined by the artist Christophe Ponceau
An inhabited by dazzling animals and flowers, where the rarest of substances are used to evoke fur, flowers, feathers and twinkling eyes. It is a magical menagerie and a conservatory of light, soothed by the regal song of a bird in rubies or sapphires, or by the exhilarating scent of an orchid whose heart lulls in the depths of white diamonds.
Cartier and the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain shown Aquarium, a mobile of precious stones by the Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes